Thursday, May 20, 2010

Showcase Your School!

@mcarls created a wiki for schools to show off their school using a Voicethread.  @bethdiaz agreed for her class to do this project to showcase Presbyterian Day School in Memphis, TN (where we work!) Her 2nd graders took pictures of places they wanted to showcase, wrote a sentence about it, and recorded their voice on the voicethread.  It was so much fun for them to do this project! Below is our finished Voicethread and we welcome your comments!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Jeopardy Game!

Need a quick way to review for a test or end of the year final???
Super Teacher Tools is a GREAT site!  I'm just posting about Jeopardy, but if you visit the site, I encourage you to check out all the great resources there.
Now, let's get to Jeopardy! This is an online (or offline) way to play jeopardy with your students.  I used this with a 3rd grade class and the students LOVED it! Then, the teacher had the students create a game with a partner and host their game with the class.  So, it's so simple, even a 3rd grader can create one!!!
This is a Flash based game that saves as a text file, so you can load any game you create and play it any time.  Click here to see a sample game.
Basically, you click make a new game link enter the question and answers, save it by clicking Create Game File link that the bottom of the page and it's ready to go!
There are more detailed directions on the site, but I think you should be able to use it without problems.