Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sign Up Sheets Made Easy

This site, Sign Up Sheet Genius, is a great time saver for teachers, coaches, room parents, and anyone else that needs a place for people to sign up for something. Save the paper sign up sheets and create one online. Oh yeah, did I mention it's FREE? Basically, SignUpGenius is a FREE online tool for creating and managing group sign up lists. They have examples for you to view to get ideas of how to use it in your classroom. Some ideas they list are meal signups for a sick friend, snack signups for a class party, party RSVP, but get creative and think of other ways you can use it in your classroom. How about a signup for a monthly parent reader to come to your class, a signup for parents to send in treasure box prizes, a signup for parent volunteers in your classroom, the possibilities are endless! If you have used it in your classroom or think of a great way to use it, please post a comment to share with other teachers reading this blog.
Click learn more on their site to get full details. Here are the basics: Create a free account, create an online signup, make sign up public or private, people sign up, email reminders can be sent, and you can be notified when someone signs up. 
Pretty cool and sounds like a time saver for teachers...we all need that, right?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ABCya! Website

 If you are an elementary teacher and haven't checked out ABCya! Go there now! :)
ABCya! is a site with educational games and activities for elementary students. All their activities were created or approved by certified teachers. The games are FREE and some would be great for use with a SmartBoard.
Trust me, this site is worth checking out! Just make sure you have some time because there is so much there! Your students will LOVE it! It would also be a great site to share with parents to use for reinforcement for their children while at home.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CAPTURED! Photo of the Day for Students/Classes

I've always seen people who do the photo a day for an entire year, and I always think, what a great project. Well, I doubt I'm the first to try it with classes, but I created a Flicker Group for Students/Classes Photo of the Day just for the school year (really only days students are in school.) It would be great to have as many classes participate as possible. Please consider joining. :)
I hope to present this idea to my teachers like this: 1.  Rotate students choosing what to take a picture of, taking the picture, and sharing about it (maybe the caption-just a simple sentence).
It would be great to have classes around the world join this group so we can learn more about each other just simply by sharing pictures!!! It also is for all grade levels.
So, as you start back to school, let your students start clicking and post those pictures to our group!!!  It will be GREAT!
Please note: A WIKI will soon be posted for this project for classes that participate to share their info.

SmartBoard Resources

I am leading a session for our faculty during inservice week at PDS on getting the most out of your SmartBoard. Below are places that you can use to get resources for your SmartBoard.

Smart Exchange-find lesson plans for your SmartBoard and connect with teachers

TONS of sites and links for the SmartBoard
SmartBoard in Education Wiki 
SmartBoard Lesson Sites
Teachers LOVE SmartBoards blog

Places for Notebook resources:
Tangipahoa Parish Schools
Greenwich Schools SmartBoard Lessons by Grade
SmartBoard Lesson Plans
MATH SmartBoard Resources
Rolla Public Schools SmartBoard Lessons
Elementary Smartboard Lessons
Rockingham County Public Schools (sorted by grade level, subject, standard, then click smartboard)
Center School District Templates by grade level

Games for Smartboard:
Jeopardy and Millionaire Games

Interactive Sites for the SmartBoard
Kerrville Technology
Primary Language Arts Interactive Sites
Primary Math Interactive Sites
Science Interactive Sites
Social Studies Interactive Sites
Art, Music, Holidays
Utah Education Network Interactives
More Interactive Sites
Online Storybook Sites
Mr. Wolfe's Math Lessons (by grade level at top of page)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kerpoof Spell a Picture

Above is the video from when I recently showed my 4 year old how to use Kerpoof's Spell a Picture feature. She loved it! In fact, I think I've created a spelling monster! ;)
Even my 8 year old joined in to help her sound out words and add objects to her picture.
Basically, the user picks a background (beach, farm, or forest.) Then, they try to spell items to add to their picture. If they spell it correctly, there is an arrow by the object to click to add it to their picture. Once it's on their picture, they can drag them around to organize it.
It's a great way to encourage sounding out words for early childhood students.
Students can click on the letters below the picture or use the keyboard, so it can be helpful in learning the location of the letters.
There isn't an easy way to share or embed, but you can print it or take a screen shot of it to use on a blog. Below is a screen shot of Spell a Picture.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WOW!  Have you checked out I found out about this neat tool at ISTE 2010. This is a very easy way to create a slide show, customize it with different themes, effects, and embed it into your blog or website. Create an account for FREE!!!!
To use this great tool, just upload your photos (from your computer, facebook, flicker, and many more), customize your design, choose your effects, save it and it gives you the embed code.  SO EASY!
Check it out! Parents AND students will love seeing activities from your classroom in this neat, interesting way!
Below is just a quick example I made of a few of our 3rd grade class day photos.