Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sign Up Sheets Made Easy

This site, Sign Up Sheet Genius, is a great time saver for teachers, coaches, room parents, and anyone else that needs a place for people to sign up for something. Save the paper sign up sheets and create one online. Oh yeah, did I mention it's FREE? Basically, SignUpGenius is a FREE online tool for creating and managing group sign up lists. They have examples for you to view to get ideas of how to use it in your classroom. Some ideas they list are meal signups for a sick friend, snack signups for a class party, party RSVP, but get creative and think of other ways you can use it in your classroom. How about a signup for a monthly parent reader to come to your class, a signup for parents to send in treasure box prizes, a signup for parent volunteers in your classroom, the possibilities are endless! If you have used it in your classroom or think of a great way to use it, please post a comment to share with other teachers reading this blog.
Click learn more on their site to get full details. Here are the basics: Create a free account, create an online signup, make sign up public or private, people sign up, email reminders can be sent, and you can be notified when someone signs up. 
Pretty cool and sounds like a time saver for teachers...we all need that, right?

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