Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SmartBoard Resources

I am leading a session for our faculty during inservice week at PDS on getting the most out of your SmartBoard. Below are places that you can use to get resources for your SmartBoard.

Smart Exchange-find lesson plans for your SmartBoard and connect with teachers

TONS of sites and links for the SmartBoard
SmartBoard in Education Wiki 
SmartBoard Lesson Sites
Teachers LOVE SmartBoards blog

Places for Notebook resources:
Tangipahoa Parish Schools
Greenwich Schools SmartBoard Lessons by Grade
SmartBoard Lesson Plans
MATH SmartBoard Resources
Rolla Public Schools SmartBoard Lessons
Elementary Smartboard Lessons
Rockingham County Public Schools (sorted by grade level, subject, standard, then click smartboard)
Center School District Templates by grade level

Games for Smartboard:
Jeopardy and Millionaire Games

Interactive Sites for the SmartBoard
Kerrville Technology
Primary Language Arts Interactive Sites
Primary Math Interactive Sites
Science Interactive Sites
Social Studies Interactive Sites
Art, Music, Holidays
Utah Education Network Interactives
More Interactive Sites
Online Storybook Sites
Mr. Wolfe's Math Lessons (by grade level at top of page)

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