Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kerpoof Spell a Picture

Above is the video from when I recently showed my 4 year old how to use Kerpoof's Spell a Picture feature. She loved it! In fact, I think I've created a spelling monster! ;)
Even my 8 year old joined in to help her sound out words and add objects to her picture.
Basically, the user picks a background (beach, farm, or forest.) Then, they try to spell items to add to their picture. If they spell it correctly, there is an arrow by the object to click to add it to their picture. Once it's on their picture, they can drag them around to organize it.
It's a great way to encourage sounding out words for early childhood students.
Students can click on the letters below the picture or use the keyboard, so it can be helpful in learning the location of the letters.
There isn't an easy way to share or embed, but you can print it or take a screen shot of it to use on a blog. Below is a screen shot of Spell a Picture.

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