Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CAPTURED! Photo of the Day for Students/Classes

I've always seen people who do the photo a day for an entire year, and I always think, what a great project. Well, I doubt I'm the first to try it with classes, but I created a Flicker Group for Students/Classes Photo of the Day just for the school year (really only days students are in school.) It would be great to have as many classes participate as possible. Please consider joining. :)
I hope to present this idea to my teachers like this: 1.  Rotate students choosing what to take a picture of, taking the picture, and sharing about it (maybe the caption-just a simple sentence).
It would be great to have classes around the world join this group so we can learn more about each other just simply by sharing pictures!!! It also is for all grade levels.
So, as you start back to school, let your students start clicking and post those pictures to our group!!!  It will be GREAT!
Please note: A WIKI will soon be posted for this project for classes that participate to share their info.


Morgan said...

We had a Kindergarten student do this as his "100 Day Project" last year and use the 100 pictures to create a scrap book. It would be so cool to see that digitally. What a great idea!

Stacey Hays said...

love it!

Cindy Brock said...

Morgan, that is such a neat project for him to do for 100th day! Please share the site with teachers at your school. Thanks!

Megan said...


I may have a few teachers at my school who would be interested in a project like this...

I think it may be neat to create a wiki (and I'm happy to do so), so the classes could share a bit about where they are from and connect in that type of space. Wonder if we could organize by grade as well? If we push this out to a lot of folks for the first 100 days of school, there could be some very exciting exchanges happening.


I'm always looking for ways to collaborate - especially at the elementary level.


Nedra said...

I think this is a great idea but I know flickr will never be unblocked at my school. But I am thinking of figuring out a way to adapt this to work with my students. Thanks for the idea. Good luck with the project.