Friday, June 25, 2010

Off to ISTE

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...I was on a 7 day cruise, home for 6 days, then came to North Carolina.

As I wrap up my family vacation at the beautiful beaches in North Carolina (after a last minute change of plans from going to Gulf Shores since the oil spill has reached there), I will be driving home a LONG 12-14 hours tomorrow (Saturday) and flying off to ISTE Sunday morning.  I'm sure I will be asleep on the plane, but can't wait for ISTE.  This is my first year to attend and I am so excited at the opportunities to meet a lot of people from my PLN face to face and learn as much as I can to share here and with my teachers at PDS.  Hopefully, I will be blogging as time permits, so I can share with YOU what I am learning at ISTE. I will also take notes using Google Docs and share those notes with everyone. Sharing is the way to go!!!


Philip said...

I am so jealous. Can I send you a list of twitter teachers for you to hug and "high 5" for me?

Cindy Brock said...

Sure, send away! I'm sorry you won't be going...from all I hear, it's great. I will be happy to share everything I learn there.