Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Skype in the Classroom (Beta Version)

I was excited this week to find out about Skype in the Classroom.  After reading their site I was excited to sign up for this directory.

"Skype in the classroom is a free directory for teachers who want to use Skype to bring education to life in their classrooms. Join today to share resources, chat with teachers and even pair classes. Start by creating a profile, then explore the directory to find teachers and resources that match your interests. You can then share inspiring links, videos and tips with other teachers."

Basically, this is going to help you 1) connect with other teachers, 2) share teaching resources, and 3) build a list of favorites.

For more info about Skype in the Classroom, click here.

Register today, so we can grow our Personal Learning Network and help connect students from all over the world!!!


Bonnie Feather said...

I signed up, too! This will make it so much easier for teachers to connect to other classrooms during projects! Do you see any potential downsides?

Cindy Brock said...

Bonnie, funny you should comment...I just favorited your "sites that require no registrations for students" resource on the skype in education page. :) I really don't see downsides right now. I think any way we can connect with each other is GREAT! Thanks for commenting and for sharing on the Skype in Education site!

Lesley Cameron said...

I just learned about this tonight! Wow, that sounds great. I'm going to have to sign up! It seems like a great expansion of our PLN on Twitter and a great way to connect with other educators wanting to Skype!

Lesley Cameron
Stony Plain, Alberta CANADA

JaymeJ said...

I signed up a few weeks ago when it was first announced. Already connected with a teacher in New York to discuss CA earthquakes. ;-)