Monday, April 11, 2011

Primary Wall

@plnaugle shared Primary Wall via twitter and after looking at it, I decided to share it on my blog.
This is a great resource that is super easy to use. As you can see above, it's a sticky note site to use with your students. Several of my teachers have used Wallwisher, but we've had some difficulty with them saving and loading, so we are always looking for similar sites.
Basically, you create a site, share the link with your students, and give them a question or something to comment about on a sticky note they create. One thing I like about Primary Wall is you don't have to approve each sticky (although that is a nice feature sometimes.)
This has lots of possibilities in the classroom. Have students post a sticky note on Monday morning about something they did over the weekend, have students post a sticky note on questions they may have during a lesson you are teaching-review their questions at the end of your teaching time, have students post a sticky note if they have a question about homework that can be discussed the following day. Those are just a few....if you use a site with sticky notes with your class, please post a comment to share you ideas with other educators!

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PNaugle said...

I'm glad you checked it out. I think I'll be using Primary Wall more than WallWisher for right now. I love that you don't have to register or have an email address to use the site which makes it perfect for my 4th graders.