Friday, November 21, 2014

Seesaw app

If you want online journals for your students, I encourage you to try out the Seesaw app. It is a great free app that allows students to a photo, video,  or drawing of their work to post online to their journal page. We wanted students to be able to record a video of them solving a math problem on their iPad while they explain what they are doing. Seesaw doesn't have this capability, but we decided to app smash (use more than one app for a project) and used Explain Everything ($2.99) for them to create the video. Students saved the video from Explain Everything to the camera roll, then imported that to their journal page on Seesaw. Teachers can decide if they approve each post by students.

Parents can download the app and receive an update any time their child's work is published. Parents can only see their child's work. Teachers and parent can leave comments on each post and each post has a "like" button.

I encourage you to check it out! We just set up a 2nd grade class on it today and can't wait to get started! Below is a quick 90 second video with more explanation about this fantastic app!

They have also created some teacher resources here.

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