Saturday, March 13, 2010


Wallwisher is an online sticky note site. A "wall" is basically a web page where people post messages on sticky notes. Their website gives ideas for using Wallwisher such as personal note taking, to do lists, feedback collection, anything that may need input from a lot of people (debate, etc) and more!  Your wall can be private or public. The sticky note has a limit of 160 characters.
We have several teachers who have used this with their students at our school.  @dchristenbury is our Bible teacher at PDS. Her 2nd grade students have been learning about the Trinity.  They started by reading the book 3 in 1 A Picture of God by Joanne Marxhausen.  Mrs. Christenbury put a request on twitter for people to put their favorite name for Jesus on Wall wisher.  We got answers from all over the country.  Next, they looked up names for Jesus found in the Bible and put their favorites on a Wallwisher.  You can see it here.  They are using these descriptions to write cinquains (five line poems).
Also, Ms. Millar's 3rd grade class has used Wallwisher for peer review of book reports.  While a student was giving his book report, students went to a wall created just for that student and created a sticky note with suggestions or comments about his book report.  The student giving the report could then go read the sticky notes on his Wallwisher site and use the comments to improve for his next oral presentation or book report. The students LOVED doing this and reviewing each other's presentations.
We have also used it at a faculty meeting at our school where groups shared an idea or 2 on a given topic.  This was also a great way to introduce it to our teachers!
Wallwisher has lots of possibilities for use with students.  If you have used it, I would love you to leave a comment and share your ideas!

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