Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Clock Clipart

You may have already known this time saver, but I thought I'd post about it just in case a few people didn't know this information.  As I was working with a teacher at my school during our weekly technology meeting, she mentioned cutting out pictures of clocks and pasting them onto a worksheet for her students (literally-using scissors and glue). I told her I bet we could find clock clipart for her to use and then she could just draw the arrows on the clock.
I used Google image search and found a blank clock. She was happy, but all of a sudden, I wondered....
could I put in a specific time and find a clip art already created showing that time???
So....I put in 7:38 clock in the search using Google. Check it out:
I couldn't believe I NEVER thought to Google that before! I have since shared this with several teachers (and will share this blog post with all those I help at my school) because I think this is SUCH a huge time saver for teachers.
By the way, the clock came from this site. Here are their terms:

Educational Use. A maximum of fifty (50) clipart items may be used in any non-commercial, educational project (report, presentation, display, website, etc.) without special permission. The use of more than fifty clipart items in a single project requires written permission from the Florida Center for Instructional Technology (FCIT) at USF.
Credit. Please credit FCIT whenever a resource is used. If resources from this site are incorporated into a website, a link to must be included on your site.

So, save yourself some time and Google the time you need for clock clipart!

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Anonymous said...

This seems so obvious... but it was soooo helpful! I've been looking to update our admissions test and this is exactley what I needed!