Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Activities Including Technology

I've been collecting ideas over Twitter and saving them to my Diigo account for the Christmas holiday. Today's blog post is to share just a few of those sites to you to use with your students this holiday season. Click the word Diigo above to see more than what is listed below.

The first is Pleasant Grove's Christmas Around the World site. This site has Scavenger Hunts for students to complete with their computers. It really is a great way for kids to learn more about the holiday season in different parts of the world. 

Another site is an Interactive Christmas card that students may enjoy on the SmartBoard.  Thanks to @ambercoggin for sharing this site!!! Amber also has a post on Rudolph is Missing that is great for the SmartBoard.

Here is a blog post from Lauren Grossberg showcasing 4 sites for kids with holiday cheer! 

Here's a blog post on Great Websites for Christmas Activities by Kevin Cummins.

Those should be a great start! Have fun and I know your students will love the interaction and holiday cheer!!

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