Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Smilebox Card for Christmas?

This year (for the 3rd year in a row), we are going green and emailing our Christmas card to our friends and family. You may ask Why? Well, several reasons...first, most Christmas cards are hung up for the holiday season, then thrown out. So, we're helping the environment. Second, saving on money. Rather than pay for the cost of printing a card and postage, we are sending it by email or Facebook to everyone we want to share it with, rather than limiting it to a number of friends and family due to budgeting costs.
So, help the environment, save some $$, and send your Christmas (or any other season for that matter) using Smilebox. If you are an educator, you can request a free premium account that will remove any ads. It's good for one year and you just have to renew it for free each year.
Smilebox also has invitations, scrapbook pages, thank yous, announcements, newsletters, calendars, and more!!!
Here is our card for this year if you are wondering what Smilebox is all about...
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